Thursday, July 6, 2017

St Augustine Adventures: Day 2

Day Two was a perfect one. We spent countless hours by the beach and pool and caught up with "Aunt Mandy" and Mister Tony (Mister Joni to Landree) and Tyler. It was a perfect time for me to sit back and soak in the memories and capture some simple shots of the beach. While many love going in town and exploring while soaking in the incredible dining scene, I love just simply sitting on the beach and watching my little family fall in love with this incredible beach all over again. PS. The town is amazing too, but sweating with a 3 year old can be a rough job.

I started off the morning on the patio. I didn't want to wake anyone so I snuck out the front door to watch the sunrise from the patio. Although it's not as beautiful as some of the others I captured, I was amazing just to breathe for a moment before the chaos started. Our new room at Ocean Gallery definitely didn't disappoint.

Before too long came the clack, clack of our 3 year old daughter, Landree Grace. She wanted to come out and have mommy daughter time. How can I resist?? We decided to create a new tradition to have a mommy daughter date in the mornings with homemade cookies and coffee. She literally was thrilled and I think that we will keep this tradition going for years to come. I made this recipe this time from the site "The Girl who ate everything" and it was awesome! Give it a try! Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

When Erick/Daddy woke up, we decided to venture out to the beach before Aunt Mandy came for a quick visit. (Please, please stay for awhile next year?) We came across beautiful skies and our amazing friend Mikey out fishing. Erick and Mikey have formed a wonderful friendship and he is such a strong, Christian role model for him. God truly led us to the right place!

Three minutes on the beach and we came across our first Ohio State Fans. Typically, anywhere we go one of us is wearing something Ohio State. And, sometimes we are unintentionally matching. Erick gets so thrilled when he hears that first "O H!" Landree even yelled back and I caught a couple pictures of her telling the dolphins good morning, and O H! 

After our quick walk, Landree and Erick headed for the pool and I headed to make breakfast, which, I promptly forgot to capture, but you need to try it! This Tator Tot Breakfast Casserole is delicious and it served us for two days! (Chew out Loud Cheesy Tator Tot Bake) At that point, Aunt Mandy arrived. We scarfed breakfast and may have gotten into the New Sarum Brewing Dunn's Mountain Cucumber Kolsch we brought.... hey, we are at the beach... and its 5 o'clock somewhere... ok or 930am.  We spent lots of time with Aunt Mandy before she had to leave for Orlando. Landree's song obsession is "da dip" so she had to learn to dance like Mandy. So fun! 

After Mandy left, Erick's friends from back in Ohio came for a visit. Tyler and Tony live in Jacksonville so we have been blessed to have them visit both years we have visited. The kids had so much fun making castles, chasing in the ocean, hauling water, and just having a great time. Did I mention how wonderful this beach is?

Erick is SUCH an amazing father.

When we were at the pool, I could hear people start yelling and making a commotion. I look behind me and see this little friend slithering right behind me... Eww. I didn't actually move off my chair in panic, but if I would have known we were near a poisonous snake habitat I may have moved more quickly.

We were so bummed when Tony and Tyler went home and Landree insisted she wasn't tired. Our friends invited us to have dinner with them, but my mommy gut said, NOPE. Abort mission. Well, that lasted about 5 minutes. She was OUT!

Two hours later, she was still zonked.  Our amazing friends sent up some of their dinner as our appetizer. To say that Jana is an amazing chef is an understatement. This Salmon and Rice was delicious. Can we get an invite next year pretty please? If any of you are visiting Fernandina Beach, you need to visit her at Ms.Carolyn's. The cake ya'll the cake... more of that later in the week.

Erick and I decided to just make dinner together and finish up the day with a nice bottle of wine (thanks mom!) on the patio. It was the perfect ending to the day. The shrimp here? It was the shrimp from the seafood market from yesterday!

Until tomorrow friends... 

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