Sunday, September 10, 2017

St Augustine Adventures: Day 6 (Fort Matanzas)

Our vacation was wrapping up, but we were given the best news! The ferry was open again after Hurricane Matthew to take people to Fort Matanzas. This is literally 8 minutes from where we were staying, so we had to go! It ended up being one of the best adventures that we had the entire week!

We ended up getting there RIGHT when it opened. Shockingly, there was already a line at the gate that they were just opening. As soon as we pulled in, he dropped me off at the door so I could get us FREE tickets. Yes people, free. It's a free boat ride and a chance to see dolphins up close.  The first family in front of us ordered 13, so I'm glad we did.

We walked down and waited for the boat. I stood there while they ventured down to the water. My husband told me I needed to check out all of the shells (mussels? oysters?) at the water's edge. It was SO neat to see!

You could capture the most amazing views just standing on the water's edge.

When we hopped on the boat, I was lucky enough to get a left side seat. This is the amazing fort. There were just the perfect amount of cloud cover so you weren't sweating the moment you stepped on the boat.

Yes, this is our little princess Landree. This is the best picture I got out of ten of her.  Apparently everything else was entirely more fascinating then her mama taking pictures. 

These are some of the incredible views of the lower level of the fort. Although you can't see in the picture, there were actually dolphins right near that boat!

Our tour guide when up the ladder to put up the flag for the day.

Going up is another story... if you afraid of tight spaces, it's a little rough. Suck it in and do it. It's a very small later and partially enclosed area to get to the top. If my three year old can do it, you can too. Don't be a bonehead. It's the beach, but cmon. Wear some tennis shoes. It makes it much much easier!

This picture is my most favorite of the trip. My husband is simply amazing. This gentleman was a vet and was telling my husband about how he still had bullets in his leg from his service. He wanted to go to the top, but didn't think he would make it. His family basically ditched him. What did my incredible husband do? He made sure that he made it up AND down. It made his entire trip and I actually found out RANDOMLY that he had been talking about him at other places around town. This is what paying it forward is all about. This man gave so much so we can have all that we do. A helping hand means everything. 

This is my crew. The loves of my life and my world.

Two hours there... and time for the beach.

We truly had amazing adventures. We decided it was time to put in some more beach time. Last year we met an amazing family, The Knight's. Truly... amazing people. Mikey and Jana have loved on us and Landree to no end. Did I mention Jana and I were the hottest babes on the beach? Erick has been an amazing friend and mentor to Erick with always just having the best wisdom. Jana. Where do we begin? She is one of the best mamas I know and just the most genuine and honest person I have ever met. Can we discuss her cakes? One you go Jana-cake, you never go back. To say that God put amazing God-loving people in our path for a reason? Understatement.

We decided to wrap up the day with some shelling. We found these bags online (3) for two dollars... I couldn't pass them up. It's an easy way for her to grab what she wants, and I'm not stuck carrying it for hours on end!

We are almost done with our amazing trip... I can't wait to show you how we wrapped it up! So thankful we were introduced to such an amazing place.

Florida, we are praying for you during Hurricane Irma!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

St. Augustine Adventures: Day 5 The Alligator Farm

While I could write a thousand words about our second trip to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, I think pictures are so much better then words. It's an amazing place! For those that have another zoo or science center membership, OR AAA (among other discounts) make sure you ask! Our family was able to go for under 30 dollars and it was an amazing experience! 

So, when we left, I got a sweets craving. I was told by multiple people to try Dessert First Bistro. It didn't disappoint, although more pricey then I expected it to me. Needless to say, Landree enjoyed it!

Hopefully we will have day 6 posted before the end of the year!  :-p